Words from Clients

Kandice is truly amazing. So much so, that my husband and I have tried to figure out how we could fly her out for a month (because we moved) just to fix us up.  She helped us so many ways.  She is very knowledgeable and would tell me where I was having problems before I could tell her. She also was not just a fantastic masseuse, but she became a good friend, and our kids absolutely love her!

                                                                         { Sam W. }

Kandice has been a key in reducing my chronic pain through massage, and helping me to be aware of my own body dynamics, (also through massage) in a way that has greatly helped me to strengthen and heal for at least 4 years.  Her intuitive ability to root the source of the pain, work it out (sometimes immediately, and sometimes over time) has helped my mobility and well being in ways that none of my physicians or physical therapists have been able to achieve.  She has taken me through debilitating sciatica, a multitude of issues that have arisen from being temporarily bedridden and having to use a walker for a rime, as well as old injuries that have accrued over a lifetime.  I'm now able to walk, hike and go to the gym regularly, with pain flare ups manageable and disappating, and hope for continuing strength.  Im not sure what shape I'd be in without her! I highly recommend her service

{ Christine C. }

Kandice quite literally blew my mind. I'm a yoga instructor who has tried different massage therapists in the past, but nothing really worked on my body.  More recently I broke my tibia and fibula and Kandice worked on not just my healing body, but also on my healing leg.  The most surprising part is that I didn't feel pain in my leg for a single second during the massage.  It was as if she had the same injury and could sense my pain levels.  If you go to Kandice you're getting a service that's next level-a truly medical (and magical!) massage.


         { Crys N. }

After chemo, surgery and radiation, the various doctors said I was good to go.  Well, as a matter of fact, I was not.  The doctors were satisfied with their results, but my body had taken a hit, and I had extensive residual pain and was beginning to despair of getting relief.  My friend recommended Kandice.  I am pleased that I made that initial massage appointment. I found a compassionate and skilled professional that listened to my concerns and read the tangled parts of my body.  The appointments became a regular habit and something I looked forward to as I began to find release from pain because of Kandice's talented hands and medically informed method of massage.  I experienced immediate and then more long lasting pain relief.  I began to sleep more soundly on the night s following the appointments. Kandice provided tips for better sleeping habits based on my situation.  My pain has been diminished in and around the surgery area, while my range of motion has improved.  Each appointment allows for steady improvement and is tailored to what my body needs at that time.  I am grateful to have met Kandice and to be the recipient of her competent hands.

{ Ruth H.}