Whether you are searching for help with your physical well-being, or looking for support during or after birth, we will work together to create the plan that fits you and your family. 

Massage Therapy

While I do not practice particular modalities, I apply everything I know during every massage. It can best be described as Medical or Sports Massage, that is also relaxing. My work is very intentional, and made to decrease pain, increase circulation, improve ROM, & reduce inflammation. We will discuss your history & lifestyle, as well as goals for your future and how you want to feel. I will offer tips and insights for your particular body. There is no up-charge for pregnancy massage!  

60 mins $110

90 mins $140

120 mins $210

*additional charge 6'3"+

**New rate increase starting 9/1/24, 90 mins $150  

Don't want to leave your newborn? Not enough childcare to make time for self care? I do offer a Mommy Massage, where you are welcome to bring your little one with you. Bond together, skin to skin, as you relax and recover from your shared experience.

60 mins $125

90 mins $155

Interested in teaching your other kids about self care, and options for pain control as they age? Younger children that suffer from conditions like allergies, growing pains, & anxiety often find relief with massage. Teens that are very active, often involved in multiple sports, gain a real understanding of their body, how it works, and how to take care of it. Under age 18.

under 5' tall ~ $1/minute

Doula Services

Currently I am completing my Birth Doula certification and training. During this period I am offering flexible and affordable packages based on your families needs. Available for hospital and in-home birth.

          At our birth plan meeting we will discuss how I can support you on your day!  I will be available to meet you at the hospital or your home, physically and emotionally assisting you through labor, until you are settled and recovering with your new family. I can be reinforcement for your partner, record your experience, & communicate with friends & family.  Provide comfort by entertaining your other children, and relieving you and your partners needs.


What do I wear? Most people I work on are unclothed, and appropriately draped (covered) at all times, but I encourage you to only undress to your own comfort level.

What is the difference between 60 and 90 minutes?  Actually a lot!  It is not merely a longer massage. With 60 I can do a full body and get an idea of how I can help, but there will be areas that feel like they could use more work for relief.  With 90 I'm able to actually do more of that work.  I recommend scheduling 90 for the first appointment.

What payment options are there? I accept cash, checks for established clients, and most forms of digital payment (Zelle Venmo Paypal CashApp Applepay)

Do you take insurance or workers comp? Unfortunately no. Insurance companies make it difficult for independent contractors to be covered. I would recommend finding a chiropractor with an in-house MT. 

What kind of oil do you use?  I don't use an oil actually! Biotone Advanced Therapy Massage Gel is a hypoallergenic and fragrance/nut free gel (feels like an oil married a lotion). It leaves you soft, not oily. 

Do you do Deep Tissue?  Maybe not in the way you expect! While I do attempt to work on every muscle group (including the deeper tissues), my pressure will always stay where you know I am working on the right things, but you will always be able to breathe through it. It is rare to be sore afterwards.

Will I be sore? It is rare for people to be sore after! If it has been a lot of time since your last massage, your body has been in pain, or you need nerve work done, you may be tender the next day. It should only last 24 hours, and shouldn't be worse than a heavy workout. Make sure to drink about a 25% more water than you normally would, extra for headache or nausea.

What music do you listen to?  I often use Massage Tribe, Classical, or movie score stations (ie Nils Frahm or Olafur Arnalds). I do feel strongly that you should have the background you want for your massage, and that is different for everyone.  I encourage you to request the music (or silence!) that you would like.

How soon can I be seen?  I am often booked out 4-6 weeks. I encourage people to schedule as far ahead as you are able if you want to be seen regularly over this time, but also may limit appointments to twice a month if there is a need to help more people.  I always accept a waiting list for cancellations, and will make every attempt to move a future booked appt sooner if possible.