About Me

Kandice Watson, Massage Therapist

 CA CMT #27656

In 2001 I was enrolled in Physical Therapy school, looking for a part time job with more flexibility than my retail and serving jobs afforded me. My only background was a short version Shiatsu from my Lamaze class, and weekend spa massages in Palm Springs.  I enrolled at the San Bernardino campus of Concorde Career Institute that same year.  The teacher I had for the next 10 months, as well as the mentor that hired me out of school, showed me aspects and uses of the art that I didn't realize existed. Experience working with chiropractors introduced an understanding of how the muscles and bones balance the body, and how to get the optimum response by getting them to work together.  Time spent working on performers and athletes showed me how repetitive movements and overuse effect our everyday movement.  At that time I also needed to work with my own body to control effects from Endometriosis, Fibromyalgia, and a heart condition.  I used what I learned to help myself, and to create an intuitive and unique massage tailored to every body, in both pressure and technique.  More recently I have begun to add birth work to my skill set.  My difficult pregnancy journey and postpartum trials lead me to want to help others through this very special time. 

I live in the mountains where I like to be outside(and take all these pics!), bake, and do arts and crafts on my time off.   I spend time with my 2 grown kids and grandkids as often as I can! You can find me at yoga most days of the week, trying to feel my best, so I can help you feel your best.