Care By Kandice 

Massage Therapy and Doula Services


***Thank you for your interest! As of 8/1/24 I will stop accepting new clients, in an ongoing effort to better serve the clients I already have.  If yourself or a loved one has been meaning to get in, reach out!  I will take anyone that contacts me to book prior to 8/1, and will reassess opening books closer to the new year.  I am currently booking Sept/Oct. If you have a referral from another birthworker or doctor, please contact me directly with that info.  Text anytime with questions, to be put on the waitlist for future booking, or for local MT referrals.

How can massage help? My technique focuses on balancing your body to encourage circulation, decrease inflammation, and improve ROM (range of motion). Together we will consider all the factors in your life that effect your body, such as hormones, injury, illness,  job, physical activity, & sleep.  It will be a chance for you to interpret your body from another perspective, gaining a better understanding of what is going on, and how to help yourself. Taking a diagnostic approach to the total body has proven very successful in ensuring long term results.  Find relief from repetitive movements and postural weakness.  If you have a desire to become more self aware of your body, recover more quickly, and move around more freely, I am the therapist for you!

Autoimmune Disorders

Carpal Tunnel 


Tennis Elbow

Knee & Hip Replacements

Broken Bone Recovery


TMJ/Jaw Clenching

Nerve Numbness/Tingling/Tickle

Occupational Strains

Rotator Cuff


Low Back & Shoulder Blade Pain

Breast Augmentation/Reduction


Prenatal & Postpartum 

Car accident/Slip & Fall Recovery

Sports/Post Competition Recovery

COVID Recovery


What should I expectOn the day of your appointment there is no need to show up early.  Make sure you have had enough water that day(I would rather you be hydrated, we can always pause for a restroom break!).  Time has been built into your appointment for us to chat about your history, body, and goals for our work.  I will leave you to undress. Inhale, exhale, let go, and I'll do the rest!

             Two  Southern California locations to support you!


Running Springs

If you are being seen in Redlands: This treatment space is shared with other massage therapists and midwives. While there is always a possibility of families with babies in the waiting room, it is usually only for short time between clients.

If you are being seen in Running Springs:  This treatment space is located in The Faktory, a home goods and bookseller.  There is one ceiling heater for the warehouse space, but floor heaters and fans are used to try and control the temperature comfortably.

This is a safe space.  She/He/They welcome.  Sensitivity to light, sound, & texture acknowledged.  Your belief system respected. Crying and laughing admissible. Allergy and smell sensitive. Questions encouraged.